Delve into the heart of sustainable style with thought-provoking panel talks that reimagine elegance and ethical fashion within the realm of Dutch Sustainable Fashion Week. Explore innovative approaches that set new benchmarks for various facets of the industry, from haute couture to artisan craftsmanship. Engage with influential voices shaping a more conscious future, as they share insights on harmonising aesthetics and ethics in the world of fashion. Join us in discovering how the fashion landscape is evolving to celebrate not only beauty but also responsible choices, setting a new standards that resonates across disciplines and perspectives.


1. Sustainability Innovator: Jeroen Panders

A true innovator in sustainable fashion. Business Director of Byborre and Founder & co-owner of Merkwaardig. Jeroen Panders’s work challenges conventional definitions, expanding sustainability to encompass the future of the textile industry, new business models and creative approaches for the designers of tomorrow, and the uncondensed point of doing less for more.

2. Biodesign Textile Dyeing Designer: Laura Luchtman

Biodesign project living color not only redefines sustainability but also explores how the intersection of science and fashion can revolutionise the way we perceive color and dyeing processes in the industry

3. Fashion Philosopher: Ricardo van de Graaf

A fashion philosopher who explores the emotional connection between fashion and the human spirit. Ricardo believes that embracing imperfections and celebrating craftsmanship can lead us to a more authentic future. He is an expert in brand strategy, E-commerce and online campaigning.

4. Sustainable Fashion Designer: Maaike Elise Stofferis

Founder of Maison M’Elise a sustainable bridal and evening fashion brand that embodies ethical practices and responsible source.

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